March 12, 2012

Roy Kesey: Pacazo

Posted in Kesey Roy at 8:00 am by John Self

Here is my review for the Guardian of Roy Kesey’s flawed but interesting debut novel, Pacazo.

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  1. Clare D said,

    Nice review – worth reading for the twisting of time frames! I like that – very enticing.

  2. The review sparked my interest. The loss of a partner and mother to one’s newly born must open an abyss of chaos. Challenging. Like re-forming a planet (mother). New meaning, new coherence. But for the blessing and presence of the child this process might never have been shared. I’m looking forward to the reading.

  3. sshaver said,

    Any relation to Ken?

  4. John Self said,

    Apparently not, sshaver!

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