January 28, 2013

Chloe Hooper: The Engagement

Posted in Hooper Chloe at 9:00 am by John Self

Here is my review in the Guardian of Chloe Hooper’s new novel, The Engagement. It is “a sleek and sly two-hander, a thriller almost, which sets everything out clearly for the reader and yet remains filled with uncertainty.”

Chloe Hooper: The Engagement

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  1. And a very nice review it is too. Makes a wonderful contrast with that countering review you tweeted a photo of recently.

  2. great review, thanks John – good to se another peice in The Guardian.

  3. Lee Monks said,

    Really enjoyed this, but it’s one of those novels that feels like stop-gap teeth-cutting knockabout for a serious talent limbering up kind of thing. A lot of supremely good sentences and impressive flourishes, but you’re waiting for something spectacular that seems well within reach.

  4. […] Chloe Hooper: The Engagement Another book that I expected to conquer all this year, and which seems to have sunk without trace. Hooper’s second novel is not just a page-turning psychological thriller – though it certainly is that – but also an inquiry into sexuality, male-female relations, and the power of stories. I read it twice and it stood up brilliantly. […]

  5. […] balancing act of managing the men that come with them. You can read a great long review of it here on John Self’s great blog. I agree with him that I can’t believe this isn’t a […]

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