August 12, 2013

Richard House: The Kills

Posted in House Richard at 8:34 pm by John Self

Click here to read my review of Richard House’s Booker-longlisted novel The Kills in the Sunday Times. It’s behind a paywall, but I can tell you that this – a meganovel made of four books in one – is a 1,000-page aerodynamic miracle, simultaneously weighty and fast-moving. What I didn’t have space to say in the review is that the much-vaunted multimedia content, which you can see here, didn’t add much to the book for me. Nonetheless The Kills itself is recommended, provided you have an appetite for being introduced to new characters all the way through the book’s massive length, and don’t mind metafiction so recursive that, at one point, House gives us 23 pages of extracts from the introduction to a novel within a novel within a novel.

Richard House: The Kills

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  1. Clare D said,

    Ah, I was wondering what you’d make of this one. And thanks for the link.

  2. You lost me at 1,000 pages…

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