Marlen Haushofer: The Loft

Here is a book which gave me as much pleasure as any I’ve read this year, one of those rare novels which worked on me right from the opening sentence and never really let up. My review of it appeared in the The Guardian on Saturday, but I’m creating a post for it here as I don’t want any regular readers of this blog to miss out on such a wonderful work of fiction. Here is a link to the review, detailing the novel’s “disarming honesty, and a lack of vanity, which appeals as only truth can; the book is an act of bearing witness to a woman’s role, to everyday life and how it runs away.”


  1. Read your Guardian text – a beautiful review! I must ask: is this the same Haushofer who wrote The Wall? I read The Wall several years ago, it has got an extraordinary strange plot, and is very well written.
    Thank you for introducing me to The Loft.

  2. Yes Sigrun, it is the same Haushofer. I must admit that I haven’t read The Wall, but I intend to do so. I hope you like The Loft as much.

  3. Oh that does please me, Kinga – not just that you’re going to read it, but that your to-read list is even longer than mine! (Mine is somewhere over 400, or thereabouts.)

  4. Congratulations on making the Guardian as a reviewer. Just picked up my paper this evening and read your review (after a double take …). Nice one.

  5. Yes, congratulations John, and a fine review (particularly liked the “twinkle in her ‘I'”).

    This sounds well worth a look – as a bonus, I’ll now also look up Amanda Prantera’s work.

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