1. Hi John,
    You nailed it. This is an excellent review of an enticing book. In a short space you’ve made me think I’m missing out on something grand. (I am not familiar with Jill Dawson’s work, but this assessment will likely change that.)
    Is she well known in the States? (I.e. am I just out of the loop?) or is she a British phenomenon still waiting to go abroad? I guess, I shall have to find out.
    Well done (and Congrats on making the Guardian’s list of reviewers!!)

  2. Thanks Kevin. I suspect Dawson is not well known – perhaps not even published? – in the US. Her subjects tend, though not exclusively, to be British and sometimes (as in here or in Fred and Edie, a good place to start) are written in a strong British English ‘voice’, or elsewhere (as in Watch Me Disappear) have a strong geographical link to the UK, and specifically the Cambridge Fens where Dawson lives. None of which, of course, is a good reason for her not to be read or enjoyed by a US reader, but which may be an excuse for her not being widely available or known there.

  3. I have never heard of Jill Dawson before, but as usual you have written your review in a way that makes me want to rush out and read it at once.

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