Henry Eliot (ed.): The Penguin Classics Book

Click here to read, just in time for last-minute present-buying for bookish friends, my review in The Spectator of The Penguin Classics Book, a beautiful, sumptuous, detailed and shaming history and catalogue of perhaps the only classics publisher in the UK that is a genuine household name.

The Penguin Classics Book

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  1. Hi! I landed here when I was searching for a review of this book. The Penguin Classics Book. I am fairly new to this genre and my TBR is already piling up. I wanted to get this book but I am confused. I already have DK Books’ (a member of Penguin Random House) The Literature Book. Also, are all the classics – I mean ALL of them – published by Penguin? That is, will the above book contain information about all the classics? I am well aware that Penguin Classics is a separate division of Penguin, so I think its gotta be huge, but the reader in me is still a little bit confused.

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