March 17, 2014

Jenny Offill: Dept. of Speculation

Posted in Offill Jenny at 9:57 am by John Self

Here is my review in the Guardian of Jenny Offill’s miraculous novel, Dept. of Speculation. It is perhaps my favourite new book of the year so far, and the list of books Offill cites as influences for it – including those by Jean Rhys, Denis Johnson, Robert Walser and Richard Yates – is pretty thrilling too.

Jenny Offill: Dept. of Speculation

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  1. Well, that’s jumped to the top of my to-read list! I loved Last Things, but didn’t know she was writing another – perfect Monday morning news, that is.

    • John Self said,

      You might be forgiven for not knowing she was writing another – it’s been 15 years since Last Things!

  2. […] week I wrote that Jenny Offill’s second novel Dept. of Speculation was probably my favourite new book of the year so far. It doesn’t seem to have attracted the […]

  3. Nice review John, though you had me at the Jean Rhys comparator. Have you reviewed her first?

    • John Self said,

      No, Max, though I bought it after loving Dept. of Speculation, and read part of it. I wanted to see how it compared stylistically for the purposes of asking her questions (see interview post), but I will keep it to read fully another time.

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